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Add support for new /mona/ fields
User & Date: zge on 2020-06-13 08:29:15

  1. Change foundin to "0.1.0"
  2. Change icomment to:


    This will affect the thread UI/fetcher, in that there will have to be a way to display names/tripcodes, the compose UI, in that there should be some way to specify name/tripcode (relates to [f0f62cfa26003d86ec8c1cdcfb65b46c2ff297b0]).

    One idea would be to have a mail-mode like parser + highlighting, to enter metadata at the beginning of a post like

    Name: Eva Lu Ator Trip: i-use-guile ---
    I am a big fan of MIT Scheme!

    where everything above and including the "---" gets chopped of. Would require additional keybindings, and perhaps user options to insert them by default too.

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  7. Change title to "Add support for new /mona/ fields"
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